An Introverted example of an Omega would be the "total badass anti-hero". An Extroverted example would be the bar-hopping nomad that always has a story to tell, jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

In other words, the Omega is an opportunist: they'll sneak off with the woman that competing Alphas are too busy fighting over. They do have the Alpha problem with long-term relationships as well as the Beta problem of keeping things exciting…

Anonymous says

FEBRUARY 7, 2010 AT 9:04 PM

Vox Day recently came out with new taxonomy of male types with 7 categories. It is much more useful than the Alpha-Beta-Omega taxonomy used in the PUA community. Unfortunately, he also has a Gamma and it is not consistent with yours. Perhaps you could correspond with him, and work to create one over-arching taxonomy for people interested in the principles of game but who recognize that the PUA taxonomy is too simplistic.

The post is entitled "Roissy and the limits of game" at the site Vox Popoli. I would paste the URL but this comment box is not allowing me to paste.

Athol Kay says

FEBRUARY 7, 2010 AT 10:06 PM

Yes I had read over that post, but ultimately I found it too complicated as a concept to try and implement. The beauty of the alpha/beta concepts is that it is immediately understandable, and can be put into practice quickly. I'm not overly interested in winning a philosophy battle, just helping regular husbands figure their wives out better.

I believe my adjustment of seeing alpha and beta as two distinct trait groups and not mutually exclusive is enough of an advancement.

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